Three free Tools are available

1) Forex Monitortool

The Monitortool is a software to observe metatrader eas. The monitortool observe every ea and show the tradingresults in a clear form. You can compare trading results of the same ea on demo and life accounts.


2) Forex Toolbox/Walkflow-Analyser

Is a Tools to check if a Walkflow is profitabel.


3) Forex Metrikanalyser

It is a mathematical Tool to find good Forex-StrategyGenerators

I am working with StrategyQuant since 2012. I think it is one of  the best tool on the market to find automaticaly trading strategies.

I worked with Forex Strategy Builder and Adaptrade Builder too. But StrategyQuantX have the best development speed and most innovation in the last years. 


In the last time I worked with ExpertAdvisorStudio. This software has a very easy user handling. It is simple to use and find some good strategies too. Now I am testing the software. Many courses are available for this software. I think it is worth to test it. 

I cant say what is better StrategyQuantX or ExpertAdvisorStudio. Every software have his advantages and disadvantages. I think both software is worth to buy.


My best portfolio on Demoaccount. It trades successfull on realaccount too.