Who we are ?

We are a Team of four Members who have knowledge in forex trading systems. Our goal is to develop forex trading systems. Our age structure in our team is from 35years to 80years. We are open for all nationalities. (English is the mail and skype communication language).


We have frequently skypemeetings. Knowledge transfer takes place in these meetings.  We also coordinate the next work steps in these meetings. You can compare this procedure with scrum meetings.


Our developed software is open source. The source of software is downloadable on the github. You can get installable software with an comfortable installer on this webside.


For strategy generation we use the StrategyQuantX generator. This tool uses genetic generation for strategy building. To get the most out of StrategyQuantX we have developed many tools. For example the Monitortool to install and observe the generated strategies on Metatrader 4. Or the Toolsbox, this is a tool collection of some helpfull Tools. For example generate workflows for the StrategyQuantX. I have written many tools in the past for metric analysis or strategy optimization.


For the future it is planed to develop an Android/OS App for checking the installed EAs (Development under flutter) The monitortool reports the status of all computers to the app. You will see your daily profit and proper functioning of your servers. The App will send an alarm if the server goes down (It is planed for the future)


You can get the best tools in the download section.


Our team have knowledge in:

  • Develop forex strategies with metatrader4
  • Knowledge of developing forex strategies
  • Knowledge of bitcoin strategies
  • Programming knowlege C, C++, Java, SWT, SWING, MQL4, ClientServer Archtecture, Install4J
  • For programming we use Eclipse, GIT, Sourceforge, Github


We use the following hardware:

  • We have six 24/7 running servers
  • Synology NAS-Drive 


We also use the following software:

  • Googledrive for sharing big files, documentation and strategies
  • Teamviewer
  • Skype
  • StrategyQuantX
  • QuantAnalyser
  • Metatrader4

We are searching for new Members who have (Knowledge in):

  • EA development (Metatrader4)
  • Have Time
  • Knowledge in StrategyQuantX
  • Indicator development
  • Have many strong windows servers witch StrategyQuantX license
  • Have many computers with StrategyQuantX license
  • Who have an idea for a good indicator
  • Who have knowledge in Trading


How we work together

  • We use jira software as projektmanagent tool
  • We have meetings repeated in weekly rhythm
  • There is no obligation to come to the meetings
  • You can see actual tasks and progress of it in webspace or on handy

Please contact us:

If you thinking you have some benefits for our strategy development. We searching metatrader developer with knowledge of indicator development at the moment. Or if you are an experienced stock market trader and have knowledge about an successfull trading strategy. We can implement some parts of this strategy in the StrategyQuantX and generate with this items new successfull strategies.




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