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Some days ago I installed 40 EAs with monitortool on Realaccount. Most of the eas are M1 Timeframe. I would like to say in advance that not all strategies are bad. The real account looses, but some strategies are profitabel.

The Result

The trend is downhill. One reason can be that the generation and selection of the EAs is not optimal. But in this portfolio are some EAs with good equity curves and profit. I will show an EA which have 203 Trades in six weeks.


This EURCAD M1 EA run on demo and on life account with the same success. An EA with 203 trades in six weeks has a good change that this EA is not curvefittet. The idear is to search for EAs with many trades in a short time. Install the EA on demoaccount and check the results. If the EA is good, the trades will be copied from demoaccount to the realaccount with fxblue tradecopy programm. This tradecopy is integrated in the monitortool. If the EA runs good on realaccount too you can increase the lotsize.

This equitycurve of this EA is shown in the monitortool. I checked this equitycurve and checked the tradelist in the monitortool.

With Monitortool I checked the 32 trades. I look how much profit every trades produces. How much are the generated pips. The pips should be bigger than 3 pips. How much pips are the looses. I checked this all with the function show tradelist. If the EA is good I connected this EA with a realaccount. The connection was done with monitortool. Monitortool have integrated the fxblue tradecopy.

I switch this EA to the connected realaccount for life. This EA have a high frequently trading activity. After three days I got the first results. I compared the trades on demoaccount with the trades on realaccount. The trading time (open and close for trades) is nearly the same. I checked if the pips on demoaccount are nearly the same as on realaccount.


You can do this check with monitortool with the trade compare function.

I checked the results of this EA on myfxbook. The left table show the trades on demoaccount and the right table show the trades on the realaccount. The trades on demo and realaccount are the same. The result on monitortool and myfxbook are the same too. This M1 EA is proftiabel.

This EA is only an M1 EA with a short lifetime. After a while this M1 strategy dont work in the future. You have to monitor this EA daily. If the equity goes down you have to switch the connection form demoaccount to realaccount off. The following picture will show an backtest of this EA with 200000 M1 Bars.

Update on 7.4.2021

I will show my real account

Closing Remarks

It is a hard way to find profitabel strategies. You have to install many strategies on demoaccounts and check all the trades. At the moment I have installed more than 500 EAs on one server. If the EA you found is proftabel you can install this on realaccount or use the monitortool to copy the trades from demo to realaccount. The monitortool uses an integrated tradecopier.