How much cost Monitortool?




Nothing, Monitortool is Freeware by Thomas Nickel




What is Monitortool?



With Monitortool you can install 1000 of EAs (EAs=Trading Robots) automaticaly. This can be done with "one click".




Tell me some features of this software



  • Installation of 1000 strategies automaticaly in a short time on demo and on realaccount on the metatrader4 plattform.
  • Check the performance of this strategies in a short time.
  • Activate the best stratgies on realaccount with "one click".
  • Monitor all 1000 strategies with "one click".
  • Deactivate or delete the bad strategies.
  • Increase/decrease the risk of every strategy with "one click" (set lotsize).
  • Install Strategies for StrategyQuantX or Expert Advisor Studio.



Ist a documentation available?



Yes, you can find this in the download section. 



The feature is new: Integrated fxblue trade copier


Monitortool has integrated the fxblue trade copier, this make sense if you want to install many EAs on demo accounts and trade only the best EAs on real account. You can solve in this way the different GMT differences between the different brokers and timezones.


On one server you can run more than 100 EAs at the same time. You can delete not profitable EAs with one click. You can attach the profitable EAs to the real accounts with one click.


The follwing screenshoot shows the monitortool on a server. At the moment 299 EAs are installed on demoaccount. Some profitable EAs have been found after a short time.

YouTube Videos

Supported EA formats

- Strategyquant 4.X

- ForexStrategyBuilder Pro

- EA Studio

Supported Generators