What´s New

15.10.2021. Monitortool will support AutoCreator in the Future. I am working on a solution to integrate an Interface to AutoCreator into Monitortool. Remark: Monitortool is open source. You can get Monitortool for free. For AutoCreator you have to pay. I don´t sell AutoCreator it is a good software from a different website. I don´t get money If you buy AutoCreator. 

19.6.2021 Some updates in section "Working with Monitortool", "Working with Toolbox" and "Download Area"

12.06.21, I have done a analysis (Q80 GBPUSD H1) of a workflow generation and filtering of strategies. In this analysis you will see a profitable way of strategy generation. But it is not the holly grail. The average profitfkator is 1.1. But I think it is a good result. You can find this analysis in the download section.


12.05.2021 Add a link in the section Coding&Learning&MakeMoney to a webside that compare good Robo Expert Advisors. (Webside is in german)

25.4.2021 updated Monitortool to version 0.520. This version uses the tradecopy from fxblue. This tradecopy is integrated in the monitortool. You can use tradecopy to copy the trades from demobroker to realbroker. You can select which EAs you want to trade. The tradecopy is integrated in the monitortool. Monitortool get some visual updates. Show all trades have new features see picture below.

I update today some youtube videos for the new monitortool features with tradecopy.

2.4.2021 I am testing the fxblue version of monitortool. This new version have the fxblue tradecopy integrated. Today I wrote a first blog entry, you can see it in the blog section of this homepage. I found a good EURCAD M1 strategy. I show some results in the blog. I update the monitortool to the new version 0.512. This version have the fxblue tradecopy integrated. I know there is no documentation at the moment for this new feature. I will we do this in the next time.

26.02.2021 a newer Version V0.501 of Monitortool is available. This new version has the fxblue tradecopy integrated to copy trades from demoaccounts to realaccounts. Some smaler improvements and bugfixes are included too. The start/stop all Metatrader works fine now. Now all MT4 are started iconifizied. Some small features for Expert Advisor Studio are integreated now. The documentation and some youtube videos will be avalable the next days.

4.2.2021 Update future plans. This is planed in the near future:

I will make a tutorial to use the Monitortool for Expert Advisor Studio. Some modifiactions in Monitortool for Expert Advisor Studio are on the work.

Now I am integrade the trade copier from myfxblue in the monitortool. So you can copy trades from demoaccounts to realaccounts with a tradecopier. Switch on/off the connections und make some configurations. It will help to connect the best testaccount to the realaccount.

27.1.2021, Bugfix Monitortool V0.481, fix tradelist

25.1.2021,The new Monitortool 0.480 is able to install Forex StrategyBuilder strategies too. The documentation has also been updated.


Now the Strategies from

- SQ 4.X 

- Forex Strategy Builder Pro

- Expert Advisor Studio

- Expert Advisor Studio Portfolio 

are installable.


You can set lotsize by configfile for

- SQ 4.X,

- ExpertAdvisor Studio,

- ExpertAdvisor Studio Portfolio




15.01.2021 new version of monitortool available in download section. Add symbol replacement feature and add feature to set lotsize. Remove some bugs. Make installation easier. The documentation is updated too.

29.12.2020 new document Q63 Analysis GBPUSD L4.3.pdf (Englisch) in download section.

I will update monitortool and toolbox in the next days. The monitortool documantion will be updated too in the next days

19.12.2020 A new documentation for monitortool is available in the download section.

7.12.2020 I published some more YouTube videos about Toolbox. Installation and handling of toolbox. 

Update of toolbox to version

27.11.2020 YouTube video about result of workflow L09/L10, 18.000 Euro/yearly average profit. Top Result !!. Only on one currency pair. 


  • Video about Toolbox installation new Version
  • Video about Monitortool installation für SQ 4.130
  • Video about Monitrotool handling
  • Monitortool V0.45 with new Installer. Version for SQ4.130

16.11.2020 some new YouTube videos about toolbox workflow

15.11.2020 some new YouTube videos in german about toolbox workflow generator (working with toobox)

13.11.2020 update Toolbox to 1.1.6 (Bugfix and add some buttons and more statistic functions)

3.11.2020 update Toolbox to 1.1.5 (Bugfix version, statistic function)

2.11.2020 Add Section (Who we are)

27.10.2020 Add Section (Coding & Learning)

14.10.2020 Toolbox update 1.1.2, add statistic function stddev in resultlist

13.10.2020 Toolbox update 1.1.1 show resulttable as result

Roadmap: 2020

  • Update to SQ 4.X: This actual version  of Monitortool supports only SQ 3.X . A new version of monitortool is planed in the next weeks.
  •  A new Installer (Install4j) will be available for all parts of the project.
  • Add some youtubevideos for Toolbox/Workflowgenerator
  • Add some youtubevideos how to generate strategies with the SQX