Here are some examples for profitable TradingSystems

The following EURUSD M15 Portfolio was generated with the StrategyQuant 3.X. The graphic show first the generated portfolio and the picture below show the performance on demo account.This Portfolio was installed on Demoaccount. You can see the same performance if you compare generation and demoaccount. The profit is only 1% but the risk is very small. I used a lotsize of 0.01 for each strategy. The drawdown is only 0.32%. You can increase the performance if you increase the risk. This is a good example for generation and testing on demoaccount. On real account the profit is nearly the same.

The problem is that each portfolio have limited lifetime. Market situation can change so you have to search for new portfolios.

I will show two of my old life accounts. The Strategies are generated with SQ 3.8. The accounts are not more active because the strategies have only a limited lifetime.The market situation has changed and the portfolios going down. This was two years ago. Now I have more knowledge about portfolio generation. I am generating new portfolios with better quality at the moment.

Some demoaccounts:

I will show some Examples on Demoaccounts.


The follwing portfolio with 40 EAs running one month on demoaccount. This EAs running on H1 timeframe

The following EA portfolio running one week on demoaccount at the fxopen broker. The EAs are M1 timeframe. This portfolio have a limited lifetime because the market condition will change very fast on M1 timeframe. I have to generate in short intervalls new EAs.

My Pepperstone Lifeaccount